How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Mental Breakdown?

Regardless of how resilient one is to life’s stresses, none of us are immune from having a potential mental breakdown.

It can happen to anyone, whether they already deal with pre-existing mental health struggles or not.

In addition, a mental breakdown can result from excess stress over the course of time or can even occur after a one-time event.

So, now the question remains: how long does a mental breakdown typically last?


Every Mental Breakdown Varies

Every single individual is different in how they experience and handle a mental breakdown.

Reliance is something that can be built up with time and hard work. However, everyone has their own innate level of resilience, which can be dependent on genetics, environment, and such.

Not to mention, every mental breakdown itself will be different too.

For some folks, a nervous breakdown may last a few weeks. For others, it might last months. The length of time also depends on whether one reaches out for professional help or not and the quality of that help.


Mental Breakdown Recovery is Faster if You Act Right Away

Recovering from a mental breakdown also depends on how quickly one gets the help that they need.

If one receives help shortly after the breakdown starts, or even before it begins, recovery will be much faster, easier, and less overwhelming.

As for those who refuse or never seek out help, leave treatment early, or who begin treatment in the later stages of their breakdown, their mental breakdown may last significantly longer.

This is why it’s so critical to get the help you need, as soon as possible.

Acera’s mental health inpatient care is one option for those experiencing a mental breakdown. In the very early or pre-nervous breakdown stages, however, an outpatient form of care might be suitable.


Look Out for the Signs of a Mental Breakdown

Because mental breakdown recovery is quicker and more successful if you act sooner than later, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with the signs of a breakdown to ensure you catch it quickly.

Some of the signs of a mental breakdown may include, but are not excluded to: feeling overwhelmed by everything, frequent angry outbursts, difficulty sleeping & eating, and a sudden change in behavior.

These signs can have a negative impact on one’s career, relationships, success in school, and overall life.

You may notice these signs in yourself, in someone else, or someone else may notice these signs in you.

While these signs don’t guarantee a breakdown, what they do indicate is that if one doesn’t make some changes in their life soon, a breakdown may be in the near future.

Always take warning signs seriously to ensure you remain the most mentally healthy possible.



A mental breakdown isn’t something to take lightly. In the beginning stages, it may appear somewhat mild, but as time continues, a mental breakdown can surely take a toll on one’s life and overall functioning.

While recovery from a mental breakdown varies, the good news is, help is certainly out there.