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Planks vs Sit Ups

Planks vs Sit Ups: Which one is better?

The truth is that planks and sit-ups focus on inner-core muscles, which includes reinforcing the transversus abdominis, so both of these exercises are meant to address the inner core muscle issue. This is important because most people’s inner core muscles are weak. Still, some wonder whether planks or sit-ups are better for addressing this problem. […]

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Crunches vs. Sit Ups

Crunches vs. Sit Ups: The Winner Is…

When it comes to the reduction of lower back pain, improvement of posture, and maintenance of health, strengthening your core is important. While many people long for a trim and slim core, most don’t know the most effective way to achieve this. Although sit-ups and crunches work abdominal muscles differently, these two exercises are at […]

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Reverse Plank Exercise

Reverse Plank Exercise Benefits

The plank is a fitness mainstay for good reason. It’s one of the best exercises out there for your abs, and it doesn’t require any equipment. For many people, though, the plank may start to feel pretty stale after a while. One way to mix it up, and to work other muscles in the process, […]

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7 Benefits Of Pull Ups

7 Benefits Of Pull Ups (No. 3 is Awesome)

Apart from being impossible to achieve overnight, you cannot build an aesthetic, lean, and powerful physique half-heartedly. As such, you must put in some hard work to obtain the desired body frame as well as physical fitness. Although we know the importance of exercise and diet when it comes to getting in shape, a lot […]

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How Does Using a Treadmill Help Your Body?

The treadmill isn’t just an exercise machine. It’s a health and fitness diagnostic tool that can answer a number of questions about how your body works. A treadmill can help you reach your exercise and fitness goals by shedding weight and sculpting the muscles of your body. Rehabilitation trainers use treadmills to get people back […]

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