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Going to Bed Hungry Good or Bad

Is Going to Bed Hungry Good or Bad for Health and Weight Loss?

There has been much debate in recent years as to how eating close to bedtime impacts weight loss and overall health. Numerous sources state differing claims from either side of the fence… A general consensus is that keeping caloric intake reduced in the last hours before resting fares well for weight loss and management. That […]

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Fluttering In Stomach – Everything You Need To Know

Actors, musicians, athletes and politicians often feel its effects before they perform and some people even mistake it for being in love. Whatever brings it on, fluttering in the stomach is a response signal to one of the several causes that affect your health in both good and bad ways. Let’s take a look at […]

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5 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is more than just worrying too much or feeling constant fear; physical symptoms such as chest tightness, numbness, dizziness, neck tension, upset stomach, nausea, inability to sleep, and a feeling of “impending doom” make anxiety a full-body experience. These symptoms are often life-interrupting and disabling which can make anxiety worse. Doctors recognize several kinds […]

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