How Long to Cook Pizza Rolls in Microwave (Complete Answer)

Everyone loves pizza rolls; they are delicious and easy to make.

Furthermore, you can serve them anytime with anything; they make a banging combination.

However, sometimes you don’t have enough time to bake them. Let’s say you get a sudden visit from your friends, and they don’t plan to stay for hours.

The good news is that you can make pizza rolls in the microwave within minutes.

Yes, you can use the same recipe to cook pizza rolls in the microwave and get the same delicious taste. But, one problem you’ll face is that not every pizza roll recipe has the same cooking time.

So, this article will help you understand how long it takes to cook pizza rolls in the microwave, regardless of which recipe you use.



  • You can cook pizza rolls in the microwave at full power within one to two minutes.
  • Quickly cooking the pizza rolls might not bring the best results.
  • Keep the timer in check and pause the cooking in between to check if the rolls are okay.


Can You Put Pizza Rolls in the Microwave?

Before we share the time to cook pizza rolls, it is better to know whether you can microwave them.

If yes, what kind of pizza rolls are the best for microwaving?

You don’t have to serve your family or friends soggy, burned, or undercooked pizza rolls.

A quick answer is yes; you can microwave, air-fry, or deep-fry them.

Every method has its advantages and a different cooking time.

Yet, microwaving them is the best option to cook them quickly. Anyone who has kids in the house knows that they don’t wait for their favorite food.

If you are a minute late, those kids will make the biggest fuss you’ll ever see. With simple tricks and hacks, you can microwave and make pizza rolls within minutes.


Prerequisites to Microwave Pizza Rolls Perfectly

Before you start cooking, it is better to learn what is better, so you won’t damage your microwave.

In addition, you need those pizza rolls to be cooked perfectly; you can achieve that by following these prerequisites.

  • You must keep the microwave wattage to 800-1000 watts – depending on how many rolls you want to make.
  • Don’t forget to use the microwave-safe plate and always keep your pizza rolls in a single layer. If you stack them on each other, the bottom ones will stay cooked.
  • Set your timer based on the servings – more servings = more time – and always give them an extra ten seconds in the microwave before taking them out.
  • Also, do not devour the pizza rolls right after you take them out of the oven. You should let them rest for a minute to cool down before eating.


How to Cook Pizza Rolls in the Microwave?

In this section, we’ll tell you how to cook different pizza rolls in the microwave and how long each takes for perfect cooking.

You can cook a normal pizza roll with fewer ingredients in minutes; the ones with cheese and other stuff take time.

Remember, you must set the microwave power high to cook them quickly.


Step-By-Step Guide

Since many prefer frozen pizza rolls, here is how you can cook them without burning them.

  1. You can start by arranging the pizza rolls in layers. Make sure that you put them on top of each other.
  2. Set your microwave on the highest power possible – the maximum you can get would be 1200 watts.
  3. Use a little oil on pizza rolls and cook them for less than two minutes.
  4. Take them out, check them, and give them an additional 10-20 seconds in the microwave for final touches.


1. Pizza Rolls With Cheese

These pizza rolls might take a bit more time to cook.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait for hours—only a couple more seconds. For example, if a non-cheese pizza roll takes around 60 seconds, these will take 70–80 seconds.

The cheese inside these pizza rolls takes time to melt, but you’ll get them ready to serve within two minutes.

You can create them at home or buy frozen pizza rolls from any brand. We recommend making it at home because it will cost you less, and you can alter the taste as you like.

In addition, you’ll know that your pizza rolls are organic since you only used natural ingredients in them. Plus, you can change their portion size.

  • In short, you can cook cheese pizza within 60-80 seconds. If you have them in a bigger portion, it can take around 90 seconds. Also, how much you serve can impact the time – six rolls in 80 seconds, whereas 12 rolls in 150 seconds.


2. Pizza Rolls With Crunchy Crust

So, if you want to make pizza rolls with a crunchy crust but no cheese inside, the process is the same, but it takes a little less time.

The reason is that you don’t have any cheese to melt; hence, they can be ready within 60 seconds. Another good thing is that you can set the microwave at much lower power than pizza rolls with cheese.

  • Remember, timing and temperature are everything in microwaving pizza rolls. Since you are using high power, even an extra ten seconds can burn the crust. You should try microwaving them for 60 seconds, and if they are still soft, microwave them for another 10–20
  • Place pizza rolls on paper if you want them to be crispy and crunchy. After half the time, you can pause, change their sides, and start the oven again until the time is over.


What if I Don’t Want to Cook Them Quickly?

The above sections are all about how you can get pizza rolls done in a short time.

However, if you don’t want to cook them in less than two minutes and would like to spend some time simply because you want to cook dozens of them simultaneously, here is how you can do it.

  • The process is the same: you put the pizza rolls in the microwave and cook them. However, you don’t have to set your microwave to the highest power this time. This time, you must choose the defrost option in your microwave or simmer the pizza rolls for seven minutes.
  • While cooking the pizza rolls, turn them after every one or two minutes to cook them nice and even from all sides. You can even shower some water on them to make the crust crispier. Alternatively, you can add some oil on their surface if you are fine having some oily pizza rolls.
  • Since no microwave has the option to auto-pause, you must pause the cooking after every two minutes to hydrate the pizza rolls.


Is It Mandatory to Thaw Pizza Rolls Before Cooking?

You might think it is better to defrost the pizza rolls before cooking them; we mentioned that above, but it is unnecessary.

You can put the pizza rolls in the microwave and start cooking.

If you are worried about burning the pizza rolls, defrost them before cooking. You can use the paper towel trick we mentioned above; plus, frozen pizza rolls don’t require you to spray water on them.

They’ll have enough water to stay hydrated during the two-minute cooking process.


Tips to Make Pizza Rolls for Microwave

Now, here is the thing: you can grab pizza rolls from a shop, but they won’t be as good as homemade pizza rolls.

So, for the best results, we recommend making pizza rolls at home and freezing them.

Here are some tips to help you make the best rolls:

  • Plan Ahead: Don’t make enough pizza rolls to finish them all in a day. Instead, you can make two or three dozen of them and keep them in the freezer for up to months. Remember, frozen pizza rolls taste much better than fresh ones. However, you must finish them within three months, as frozen pizza rolls tend to lose their taste after a long time.
  • Choose the Right Cheese: Do not think that all cheeses are the same. Some melt much better and don’t overcome the taste of other ingredients. So, when making the pizza rolls, your choice of cheese can change the overall taste. We recommend grated mozzarella or Monterey jack cheese because they have a much lower melting point. So, that cheese will stretch whenever you bite a pizza roll, giving you the best experience.
  • Don’t Add Too Much Sauce: You don’t want the sauce to dirty your face or clothes when you bite the pizza rolls. Plus, the taste of each ingredient must be right to enjoy every bite. You shouldn’t add extra sauce while making the pizza rolls. Less cause will keep your rolls crunchy (less soggy) after cooking them, and you won’t have a mouthful of sauce when you bite them.
  • Cheese, Cheese, and More Cheese: Unlike sauce, you can add as much cheese as you want. However, remember to use soft cheese so you don’t spend much time melting the cheese when cooking the rolls.
  • Leave Some Space While Cooking: If you have a small oven, don’t cook more than four rolls at once. Give them enough space so they can expand without sticking to each other.


Tips to Avoid Making Pizza Rolls Soggy When Cooking

Remember, cooking rolls in such a short time can make them soggy.

As soon as you give them extreme heat and then stop, their chances of getting soggy are high. However, there are some ways you can keep them crisp.

  • Use garlic butter to cover the rolls if you don’t want to use regular oil.
  • Let the rolls sit for 30 seconds in the microwave before cooking.


Final Words

Cooking pizza rolls in the microwave is safe and quick, but it might not give you the best taste.

If you want that cheese-stretching experience, it won’t come from two-minute cheese cooking. However, if you have kids at home who demand pizza rolls out of the blue, a microwave is your best friend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better for Pizza Rolls – Microwave or Oven

While you can quickly cook pizza rolls in a microwave, the results you get from the oven are far better.

Comparing the two-minute cooking time with 15 minutes is an injustice.

Of course, if you have more time to cook pizza rolls, we recommend doing it on medium or low heat. Let them cook slowly to have crispy rolls with melty cheese and every ingredient at the perfect temperature.


Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Pizza Rolls

While we praise the fact that microwaving pizza rolls gets the job done in two minutes, there are some complications behind them too.

  • Firstly, this two-minute hack works for only six pizza rolls. If you want to cook more, add two more minutes for every six pizza rolls. So, if you want to cook 24 pieces, it will take up to six minutes.
  • Secondly, power consumption is an issue since you’ll be using the microwave at its highest power; it can take a lot of power for six minutes.
  • Thirdly, the texture won’t be right – no matter how skilled you are – the final results won’t be satisfactory. The pizza rolls will be extra crispy, undercooked, or soggy.
  • If you use different toppings for your pizza rolls, you must set different times for each topping to cook perfectly. In the end, you might spend 15 minutes using your microwave on max power. In comparison, cooking them in the oven for 15 minutes brings much better results with less power consumption.
  • Slowly cooking the cheese brings out the best cheese pull, so if you cook it quickly, it won’t be soft enough to stretch. The reason why we suggested using cheese with low melting points is that even that won’t work the best with quick cooking.