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woman with stomach pain

Stomach Feels Tight – Why It Happens and What To Do About It?

According to Scientific American, the gut, or stomach, earns its reputation as the body’s “second brain” honestly.(1) The reason for this is simple: the human brain and the human stomach are always in contact with each other. Thanks to a complicated network of nerve cells (neurons), the brain and the gut are continually communicating via the […]

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What Is The Amount Of Safe And Healthy Weight Loss Per Week?

We’ve all seen them – magazine articles and Internet clickbait claiming you can lose an outrageous amount of weight in an incredibly short time. And while it may be tempting to believe that you can drop 30 pounds in a week, the fact is that there are limits to how much weight you can safely […]

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can you be allergic to onions

Onion Allergy – Everything You Need To Know

There are many different food related allergies that people are familiar with. These allergies range from foods such as peanuts to various fruits and other fresh foods. An allergy that most people who do not deal with food related allergies on a daily basis do not think about is the onion allergy. This oversight is […]

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Bottom Lip Twitching

Bottom Lip Twitching – Why It Happens and How to Treat It?

The whole world can identify with the person that has a muscle twitch. Most everyone knows what a “charlie horse” or a muscle spasm is. Not all twitches are painful or can be seen by others. It depends on where they occur and whether clothing or body position hides the tic from others. On the […]

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Woman with headache

Headache When Standing Up – Why It Happens?

If you have ever had a headache, you are in a widespread company. According to WebMD, headaches are the most common cause for pain among Americans today. (1) In fact, if you have a headache right now, you share your pain with approximately 19 other people – Harvard Medical School reports.(2) That’s right – every day, […]

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Pain Under Left Ribs

Pain Under Left Ribs – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pain under the left rib cage may be the result of several causes, so it is important to identify the problem so you know how to proceed. While some feel pain due to organs pressing up against the rib cage, others may feel the pain as a result of an injury. While this kind of […]

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heavy feeling in arm

My Arms Feel Heavy and Weak, What Could Be a Cause of That?

Heaviness in the arms can be an unnerving and scary feeling. You might not realize that there is something wrong at first. Perhaps you simply felt tired or fatigued. Yet the feeling doesn’t seem to be going away. Luckily, there are treatments for this problem. You might not have cause to worry at all, or you […]

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woman drinking water

Is Drinking Water Before Bed Good or Bad for Health and Weight Loss?

Most people understand the importance of drinking plenty of water each day to stay healthy and hydrated. There is some debate, though, about whether it is a good idea to drink water just before bedtime or to drink it earlier in the evening. This article will examine the pros and cons of drinking water before […]

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Itchy Skin At Night – What Could Be a Cause of That?

While it isn’t a common topic for the break room or happy hour conversation, many people suffer in silence from nighttime skin itching. In some cases, there may be an underlying undiagnosed medical condition that is responsible for the skin itching. In other cases, it may be a side effect from a medication, the natural […]

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arm muscle twitching

Arm Twitching? Exploring Possible Causes & Remedies

A survey conducted a few years ago shows that 81 percent of people suffer from some type of involuntarily muscle movement.(1) This estimate includes those who are dealing with muscle twitching. One type of muscle twitch that is common but sometimes overlooked is arm twitching. What is Arm Twitching? Just like any other twitch, an […]

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