Preparing for Inpatient Rehab: What to Expect and How to Make the Most of It

Inpatient rehab is an experience that requires a serious commitment for your personal health.

Recovery has a cost that is a mixture of acceptance, honesty and patience. If you’re ready for the leap, then inpatient rehab will be there every step of the way.


Pack Your Bags

Once you get the rules from inpatient rehab, start packing.

They will have a clear list of the items that you’re allowed to bring. Take your time packing, and don’t rush the process.

By doing things slowly, you won’t forget to bring specific items.

Going to rehab can be overwhelming for many people that are going through serious life problems. Some patients have developed anxiety over forgetting small things like their favorite shirt or a toothbrush.

Forgetting these things are not the issue, as it is more of a ‘straw that broke the camels back’ situation.

The bag you pack is one of the last links to your former life, so put a lot of care and effort into its preparation.


Trust is a Process

No patient walks through the doors of a clinic and instantly has a connection with the staff.

Trust takes time, and is even more difficult since resistance is involved. Your recovery is tied to how much you trust the people to take charge of your care.

Do you respect their point of view?

Do their words stay with you, or go out the other ear? Go into inpatient rehab with an open mind and the trust process will become less stressful on everyone involved.

Change won’t happen on the first day, but your attitude will make or break the progress that can be made over the next few days.



If there were no obstacles to overcome, then the necessity of rehab would be minimal.

There will be obstacles, and they will be the hardest you have ever dealt with. But none of these obstacles are considered failure points.

There are no winners and losers in inpatient rehab.

Every individual has their own journey, and reaching specific goals will only be possible after overcoming obstacles.

Even if you don’t succeed the first time, nothing is stopping you from trying again.

There are no failures in rehab, and any type of a failure mentality will be the biggest obstacle.


After Treatment

Even after meeting your goals with inpatient rehab, recovery will still be an ongoing process.

You have to protect your sobriety after leaving the clinic.

This is where the real world starts, and where the real temptations rear their heads.

This is a shot at a new start in life, and it can sometimes lure you into a false sense of security. Make plans before leaving the clinic that put you on the path to success.


You’re In Charge

There are millions going through rehabilitation every day.

It’s a struggle, but you’ll never be alone when it comes to achieving your goals. Stay strong, and watch as the world accepts the new you with open arms.