3 Ways to Slim Down Your Summer

Weight gain is only in the winter right?

The frigid temps and comfort foods seem to be an inevitable combination for adding a few pounds.

By spring, most of us are ready for those pounds to go!

Spring is all about kicking butt and eating healthy before swimsuit season arrives. Once summer finally gets here, all there is to do is enjoy ourselves.

Well, sort of. 

While living it up in the summer is highly encouraged, it’s still easy to go overboard. 

Summer weight gain is much more common than people think, especially when indulging isn’t just for weekends when the weather is hot; think vacations, cook outs, weddings, BBQ’s, graduation parties, happy hour, ice cream, eating out, etc.

It’s tough to resist!

So how can YOU manage to keep the weight off and STILL enjoy yourself this summer?

Below I’ve listed 3 ways for YOU to slim down your summer!

roller girl posing outdoors


I eat out more than usual in the summer months and I think this is true for a lot of people.

The local bar is offering $1 beers, appetizers are half off, friends want to go on double dates; all opportunities to consume added fat, calories, and sodium.


I am not here to tell you NOT to take advantage of $1 beer night or meet friends for ice cream, but I DO think you owe it to your waistline to be wise about your choices.

We all know by now that you shouldn’t finish your plate at a restaurant… but more times than not, it just happens.

Time to make a valiant effort to only eat (less than) HALF of your plate when you are dining out and box up the rest.

Also, try to avoid any dishes with the words fried, crispy, crunchy, sautéed, or creamy.

Typically, dishes described in such a way are prepared with loads of added oil.

If you MUST eat the fettuccine alfredo because it is THE best in town, save it for a special occasion and keep your portions in check!

It’s just that simple.



family party

It’s that time of year again!

The seniors are graduating, friends have cleaned off their grills, your best friend is getting married, and fire pits are now ready for some smore action.

How the heck are you supposed to watch your waistline when Grandma continues to make her famous potato salad?? Ug. I just can’t say no!!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again; DO NOT GO TO A PARTY HUNGRY.

You are not preparing for your last meal, there will be other opportunities to eat a hamburger or hot dog, and you do not have to sample EVERY dessert.

No need to “save room.” Show up to the party with a hunger level of about a 5.

Try noshing on a small apple with a little nut butter or have a little yogurt and cereal before you leave. Whatever you do, don’t be famished before hitting the buffet line.

This will help in resisting that urge to sample everything in sight and prevent wandering back for seconds.

Once you are finished eating, find the kids and go play! 

Not only will you burn a few calories but it will help keep your mind off the potluck goodies and it will be fun!

Can’t beat that!!



In the summer, happy hour could be at any hour.

It’s fun to sit outside with your friends, kick back a few drinks, and enjoy the summer breeze.

However, alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making it harder to stay away from the appetizers or limit how many beverages consumed.


If you cannot say no to a drink, try to keep it simple.

Pass up the dessert-like martinis, daiquiri’s, and margarita’s, which can pack upwards of 500 calories, and opt for a light beer or simple mixed drink instead.

Also, try to avoid the free chips and salsa or peanut bowl; calories add up quickly and it’s easy to eat too much!

You are much better off grabbing a beer and buying a meal instead (see point #1).

If you are going on vacation this summer and looking for slimming strategies read Develop Your Best Beach Body!


In conclusion

Summers are meant to be fun; so relax and unwind…just remember that each event doesn’t have to be a ”free-for-all.”

If you spend the summer following these 3 slimming strategies, I guarantee you will keep that banging bod in-shape all summer long!

QUESTION: What are your slimming summer strategies?