5 Creative Outlets for Finding Relief from Depression

Depression is a major problem. More individuals than ever reported feeling depressed during the pandemic.

Even though Covid-19 is now less of a concern than it was a couple of years ago, though, the number of individuals who describe themselves as feeling depressed is still alarmingly high.

You can seek out depression treatment in California, and it may behoove you to do so.

You can also look into creative outlets that might make you feel better if you feel depressed, though. We’ll talk about some of the popular ones now.



Gardening can be very relaxing (1). Many individuals like to do it, regardless of whether they have received a diagnosis of clinical depression or not.

You can also be creative in your gardening.

For instance, you might create a topiary hedge that is in a certain shape. You can also plant flowers in a way that’s pleasing to the eye, or you might add a water feature or a rock formation to your backyard or wherever else you’ve planted and arranged your garden.



Knitting is another skill that’s challenging to master, but it can be very rewarding when you start to become proficient at it.

You can learn how to knit if you’re depressed, and it will give you something to do rather than sleeping or becoming too introspective.

You might check out some of the many knitting-related videos you can find on YouTube, or you may attend a live lesson instead.

Either way, you can learn how to create sweaters, scarves, and other items you can keep for yourself or give away as gifts.


Journal Entries

Some individuals who grapple with depression might feel that writing down what they’re thinking and feeling can help them (2).

You might start keeping a journal where you write down your dreams. Also, you can write down what you think they could mean.

Keep a journal of your thoughts, or branch out into some other form of creative writing.

You can try your hand at some poetry. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you might even give writing a novel or some short stories a try.



Painting is a great way to express what is happening inside you in a visual way.

Many therapists will recommend something like painting for an individual who demonstrates depression symptoms.

When you paint, you can create something that looks realistic or something that’s entirely abstract. You might be able to produce a visual representation of what your depression looks like or how it feels.



Sculpting can be similar to painting in the way you can express yourself creatively through it.

However, you get a chance to work with your hands in a way that is a little different than painting.

With painting, you are working with a two-dimensional space. You have three dimensions with sculpting, and some people find they prefer it as a visual medium.

Any of these can be productive ways for you to express yourself if you feel depressed.