Are Grapes Laxatives? (Finally Answered!)

So what’s all the fuss about grapes? Why does everyone, and their mother, tell you to have some grapes every time you feel bloated or constipated.

Is there a reason behind the suggestion, or is it simply passed-on advice that has no meaning?

Are grapes laxatives?

What is the natural quality that aids digestive function? Can they help relieve symptoms of constipation, and if so, how? Why does constipation occur, and what are the underlying causes that worsen the condition?

Constipation may result from dehydration, which is a lack of fluids within the body. Grapes provide that much-needed hydration as they are mostly made up of water.

This is not to say that they are an alternative to water, but if you don’t like consuming a lot of the bland liquid, this may be a good way to introduce it to your body.

Grapes are an incredible source of fiber, which can improve bowel movement and reduce the bloating in your stomach. Here’s a breakdown of the relationship between grapes and poop!


Grapes and Your Poop

Constipation occurs when the body lacks the nutrients needed to function well (1). These come primarily from fruits and vegetables, which aren’t a part of everyone’s diet.

Fruits and vegetables can offten easily solve constipation if consumed properly.

Grapes are natural laxatives since they contain a lot of fiber (2). Consuming hefty quantities of fiber can lead to a healthier gut. The fiber in grapes is insoluble, so it does not get broken down during digestion.

When fiber reaches the stomach, it softens the stool by hydrating it. This leads to a much easier and more frequent bowel movement.

Grapes are also great for the promotion of the healthy bacteria that exist in the stomach. This bacteria aids digestion and strengthens the stomach lining, encouraging bowel health and preventing diabetes.


Pro Tip

If you are looking for grapes that are stronger laxatives, you should bring home grapes that are red or purple. Try to consume these grapes in their raw form and their skin, as this contains the fiber that helps soften your stool.

Try not to rely entirely on grapes for good bowel movements. Grapes may be natural laxatives, but it is best to consult a doctor if you have persistent constipation.

Avoid consuming a lot of grapes every day as these may cause diarrhea (3).


Will Grapes Suit My Stomach?

Are grapes a great addition to everyone’s diet?

Now that you know are grapes laxatives, perhaps it’s time to consider whether they are suitable for you.

Over time, much of the research conducted around fruits and vegetables has experienced a shift. Most doctors today will only suggest a particular fruit if they believe it can benefit you.

However, grapes are somewhat universal.

The nutritious value of grapes and their unique input within a healthy diet can encourage healthy bowel movements. As mentioned above, grapes contain a lot of insoluble power.

When paired with the liquid content and antioxidants present in the fruit, it leads to a powerful combination.

If your constipation is linked to your diet, perhaps it’s time to include some grapes in your breakfast. Improve your digestion today and start living the life you deserve.

No one deserves to be confined to a bed in agony due to a lack of a bowel movement. Make healthy choices for a healthier gut!

This isn’t all.

Grapes are also known to contain a chemical called polyphenol. The way polyphenols work is twofold. They start through their anti-inflammation and heal the body from within, which boosts metabolism and digestion (4). This means you absorb more nutrients and metabolize your food faster!

According to Healthline, grape varieties include polyphenols, compounds that give them their vibrant colors while protecting against various diseases and external damage (5).

The color of the grapes you choose also goes a long way toward developing healthier systems to support your stomach lining. Some nutrients found in red grapes, especially their skin, have proved to be useful against the growth of harmful bacteria within the stomach.

However, sometimes grapes can be harmful.

  1. Don’t consume a lot of grapes if you have IBS. Grapes contain salicylic acid and insoluble fiber that acts as a natural laxative. Consuming too much for a weak stomach can cause diarrhea.
  2. Don’t consume grapes when traveling. Try to only consume grapes in your hotel or at trusted restaurants. Some grapes may not have been washed or handled properly. Moreover, different fruits in different parts of the world may not work well for your stomach.
  3. Don’t overconsume grapes if you are obese. Grapes contain a good amount of sugar, and overconsumption can lead to excessive weight gain.

According to WebMD, consuming hefty quantities of grapes can cause diarrhea (6). Some folks may also suffer from allergic reactions and experience incessant coughing, dry mouth, and headaches.


Why Avoid Overconsumption of Grapes

Here are a few detrimental effects of eating too many grapes;

  1. You might get diarrhea if you eat a lot of grapes in one go, as the excess sugar and fiber content can soften your stools more than you want. This can irritate your stomach lining and upset it, causing it to weaken.
  2. Eating a lot of grapes may lead to stomach cramps. Grape seeds are the biggest cause of abdominal pain after consuming a lot of grapes, which can even trigger appendicitis. If you have IBS syndrome, try not to consume grapes!
  3. More grapes mean more weight gain since grapes are filled with sugar. Even though there are much fewer calories in one serving of grapes, if you eat them all day every day, they become more than just a snack. Eat your grapes sparingly to avoid the harmful effects.
  4. Try not to overconsume grapes as they can trigger an allergic reaction. Consuming a lot of grapes can build up over time and cause a breakout of red patches on the skin or nausea. If consuming grapes leads to rashes, make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Final Thoughts

A good bowel movement is GRAPE news! Constipation may lead to losing out on activities you would normally want to participate in. Being confined to the four walls of your home simply because your stomach is cramping or being uncomfortable all day does not have to be your reality.

Grapes may be your way out.

However, consuming them with caution is the best policy. Consult your doctor and figure out the root cause of your constipation. Treating an illness with a home remedy may not cure it since you may be treating the wrong reason.

A grape a day may keep constipation away, but it may send headaches, nausea, and constipation knocking on your door. Proceed with caution!

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Grape FAQs

1. Why Do Grapes Make Me Poop?

So why do grapes make people poop? This is probably because of the fruit’s water and fiber content. This greatly impacts the bowels, leading to a softened stool that can pass through easily.


2. How do grapes help with constipation?

If you have constipation, consuming grapes regularly can cause you to pass stool more easily. It is best to consume it in smaller quantities daily than consume a lot of it in one go.


3. Can Grapes Cause Diarrhea?

Yes, if overconsumed, grapes can lead to diarrhea because they contain reserves of sugar and water, which can cause frequent bowel movements. You may have to set up camp near your bathroom for a while if you have recently overconsumed grapes.


4. How To Treat Diarrhea From Grapes?

If you have to go to the loo frequently, and the cause is the overconsumption of grapes, try to lay off them for a while. Avoid consuming a lot of grapes in one go next time and keep yourself hydrated.

It is recommended you consume more solid foods till your symptoms get better. Try to harden your stool through these foods and visit the doctor if worse comes to worst. Ensure you have consumed good-quality grapes and are not experiencing food poisoning symptoms.


5. How Fast Do Grapes Work?

Grapes are not like medicine. You may not like the answer if you are expecting a good bowel movement after consuming some grapes. Grapes may be natural laxatives, but that’s just what they are. Natural! Give it some hours before you call it quits.

Try not to overconsume grapes in the quest for a good bowel movement. The more grapes you eat, the worse your stomach may get as it takes time to digest them. Try to go slow and eat small amounts over some days to get your stomach used to it.


6. Will Grapes Cure My Constipation?

Grapes aren’t a magical cure. They may have some laxative properties, but they may not work immediately. Try to consume more than the average amount you eat for the best results.


7. Will Grapes Make My Poop Smell?

Grapes may not make your poop smell, but they may make your mouth smell. Overconsumption of a lot of fiber can cause smelly breath. Moreover, diarrhea can lead to smelly poop. Try to ease the grape intake, and don’t chew off more than you can swallow!


8. Can Grapes Make Poop Purple?

Yes, if your stomach does not properly digest the grapes you eat, it can lead to purple or blue poop. The more grapes you consume, the more noticeable the color. Try to consume grapes in smaller quantities if you want to avoid smurf-poop!