Craving Tacos – All You Need to Know About This Exquisite Mexican Dish

Pâté de foie gras, beluga caviar, oysters, and white truffles—these are the hallmarks of extravagance in the culinary world.

However, if forced to choose a delicate dish that blends these ingredients, most Americans would rightly prefer the taco.

While it’s crazy that some taco lovers celebrate this mouth-watering Mexican dish every week on #TacoTuesday, National Taco Day only comes around once a year, on October 4th. So what makes someone crave tacos on certain days?

Let’s admit it, tacos are well-loved in America.

Research shows that 95% of Americans like tacos, and 76% have them at least every few weeks or say, Americans eat billions of tacos every year—4.5 billion to be more specific. (1)

Before getting to the nitty-gritty of taco cravings, let’s find out the fascinating history of tacos, followed by how this Mexican dish landed in the hearts of food lovers worldwide.


Back to the Beginning

Tacos, as we know them now, are a fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine and Western influences, yet indigenous Mexicans were eating a different form of the dish before it gained popularity in the United States and other countries worldwide.

Now the question is, where did one of America’s most beloved dishes get its start? In this section, we will uncover the origins of tacos.

The modern taco has been around for fewer than 100 years; regardless, some believe that they were already popular in Mexico before the Spanish arrived in 1519.

Freshly prepared corn tortillas were filled with anything from fish and roasted organs to meat and veggies.

It was a staple food that supplied people with the energy and nutrition needed to get through the day. Surprisingly, there was no lettuce, cheese, sour cream, or tomato on these tacos, as is customary in modern tacos.


The Name “Taco” – A Modern Invention

The credit for inventing the term “taco” goes to the Mexican silver miners of the 18th century. Since gunpowder was rolled up in paper to resemble a “taquito,” tacos gained a reputation for being the cuisine of the working class, including mine workers.

Consequently, it became “tacos de minero,” sometimes referred to as “miner’s tacos.” The tortilla used in these miner’s tacos did not take the form of a sturdy U-shaped shell as we are used to seeing today; instead, it was stuffed with a spicy filling.


Coming to America

It wasn’t long before the Mexican migrants came to the United States in 1905.

During this period, tacos were mostly consumed as street cuisine; however, they were originally brought to the attention of Americans by “chili queens,” proprietors of Mexican food carts in Los Angeles who were known for their spicy chili.

These women offered delectable and inexpensive Mexican cuisine, such as tacos wrapped in a soft corn tortilla, with a flavor unfamiliar to the typical American taste.


The Evolution

By 1920, the cuisine brought by Mexican immigrants began to include American elements. Organs were substituted with ground beef and chicken since it was a more flavorful option, followed by crisp lettuce, cheddar cheese, and ripe tomatoes.

For Americans, whose traditional food often emphasizes more subdued tastes, it was the “ultimate” taco. Later, things became even more intriguing when Taco Bell labeled their tacos as “Mexican,” which represented Mexican cuisine in no way.


Taco… Wasn’t Even Called a Taco

Did you know that Glen Bell, the founder of Taco Bell, discovered that the name “taco” was not a term Mexicans used; instead, they only used it while speaking to Americans? Mexicans used various phrases to describe tacos, depending on the location and the area’s culture.

This is quite similar to how the Korean restaurant chain BonChon refers to its “egg rolls” as “pot stickers” on their mainstream menu, even though the dish is better known as “mandu” among Koreans.


Taco Today

Tacos are available virtually everywhere, from your neighborhood street food stall to Chipotle.

Every restaurant provides a unique experience, whether traditional Mexican fare or a fusion dish influenced by Mexican cuisine.

We can only say that tacos have a bright future ahead of them, and the cultural interchange between the United States and Mexico has only resulted in the evolution of tacos, leading to more innovative takes on the traditional Mexican recipe.


The Mystery of Taco Cravings

If you are craving tacos, it’s likely because you’re hungry and need the nutrition and energy that this delicious Mexican cuisine holds. On top of that, the sense of comfort you get from eating tacos might be at the root of your hunger; however, that’s not it.

You could have a mysterious underlying reason, even though digging into some tacos can easily fix the problem. Therefore, to effectively manage your taco cravings, you must grasp the problem’s root, which may be the following:

  • You lack protein or fiber.
  • You want to lift your mood.
  • You feel hungry or need energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to find the answers to your questions regarding craving tacos.


Why Am I Craving Tacos All of a Sudden?

If you suddenly crave tacos, you might be hungry or need the nutrition and energy that this delicious Mexican cuisine can provide.

Because of the high protein and fiber content of tacos, they might be the right choice to make up for this nutritional deficiency. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger while also helping your body get the nutrients it needs.


Why Am I Craving Tacos All the Time?

If you’re constantly craving tacos, you definitely aren’t getting enough protein, fiber, or energy from the food you eat.

Since cravings for tacos are sometimes the consequence of nutritional shortages, this might hint that you need to level up or make some dietary adjustments.

However, ensure you are getting enough nutrients to guarantee that your cravings do not return soon.


How to Stop Craving Tacos?

For instance, if you crave tacos all the time because of the deficiency in certain nutrients, you must ensure that you acquire those elements via a routine diet. On the other hand, you should consume more food, especially if you’re hungry or low on energy.

As long as you don’t go overboard with your taco intake, you should be good with the way things are going for you.


What are Some Taco Craving Alternatives?

When craving tacos, you want to eat… well… tacos. Considering that you can be short on tacos, particularly when you crave them suddenly, select dishes with comparable flavors or nutrients.

For example, it might be other Mexican cuisine or foods containing protein, fiber, and other nutrients.


Why Am I Craving Tacos At Night?

The fact that you have a craving for tacos at night may indicate that you are iron deficient since iron plays an important role in ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

In a nutshell, you should give in to your desires and indulge in some tacos since doing so will make it easier for you to obtain a good night’s sleep.

In addition, it will help you make up for any vitamin shortages and keep your health in check.


Craving Tacos When Sick

When unwell, the body demands an increased need for the nutrients it normally takes in.

Consequently, the body seeks more delicious food items, such as tacos since they include iron and protein in addition to other essential nutrients. With tacos, the body also gets calories needed to heal from the sickness and move on.

In a nutshell, you should give in to your taco cravings since doing so will help you get better quickly.


Can You Have A Tacos Addiction?

Yes, taco addiction is possible, particularly if you consume them in excess of what is considered healthy.

Even though it is uncommon to get addicted to tacos, becoming used to eating them more often is typical.

Due to this, you need to be cautious if you give in to your desire for tacos because it has the potential to turn into an addiction, which is certainly not healthy.


Is Craving Tacos A Sign of Pregnancy?

There is no correlation between craving tacos and being pregnant. Even while pregnancy causes a stronger desire for different food types, this alone is not sufficient to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant.

When pregnant, women often crave flavorful foods like tacos; however, this is not an indicator of pregnancy. Instead of interpreting your cravings for tacos as a sign of pregnancy, you should take a test or talk to a doctor if you want to be absolutely sure.


The Final Cut

To sum up, taco cravings are often brought on by a lack of nutrients, energy, or a basic desire for fulfillment and comfort.

Therefore, to effectively manage these cravings, you need to understand the root cause of them.

For example, you may stick to a nutritious diet without risking your health, even when you crave foods like tacos. And as long as you consume tacos in a reasonable amount, you won’t have to worry about failing to sate your appetite.