Why the Family Plays an Important Role in Addiction Recovery

It’s relatively easy for someone to get hooked on alcohol or drugs.

They might start by doing their drug of choice at parties or when they’re around friends.

From there, it can quickly spiral out of control, particularly if the person doing it has any sort of emotional pain from which they’re trying to escape.

The family often plays a crucial part in getting someone clean if they want to make a change in their life.

Family therapy in Orange County is always available if you live in that part of the country and you’re struggling with addiction or have a family member who’s attempting to kick the habit.

Let’s talk in a little more detail about why your family situation matters if you’re trying to get out of the grasp of drug addiction.


You Often Spend More Time with Your Family than Anyone Else

One reason why family plays a vital role in addiction recovery is that you live with these individuals, so you probably spend a great deal of time with them.

Unless you are purposefully staying away from your home a lot, then presumably, you will spend your downtime there, surrounded by your closest familial relations.

If your family members also do drugs or drink, or they do not support your attempts to change your life, that can easily cause a relapse.

On the other hand, if your family members do not use drugs or alcohol around you, and they’re doing all they can to help you stay clean, that could be a major determining factor in you kicking the habit once and for all.


Your Family Members Are Often Your Role Models

You may not necessarily realize it, but your family members are often your role models as well.

If you live with someone, you will probably find yourself either mimicking their behavior or doing the opposite, depending on whether you admire this person or not.

You will often do this with your family members. If you notice that your parents or siblings also have drug or alcohol problems, you will come to see that as being normal, and you will emulate those behaviors. If you see that they’re able to abstain, you might take your cues from that.


How the Family Reacts to You Trying to Get Clean Will Often Dictate Your Success

Whether your family is supportive of your efforts to get clean will also probably dictate the eventual outcome. If your family is just as serious about helping you get clean as you are, they will watch to make sure you don’t relapse.

They will be your support network in whatever ways you need them to be.

If they suggest that you can’t get clean or they refuse to help you, that might have a detrimental effect.

How your family reacts to your advances toward sobriety is often the most important factor in determining the outcome, right up there with what friends you hang out with and whether they drink or do drugs.