5 Dental Issues That Are Effectively Resolved by Wearing Braces

People often hide their smiles and shouldn’t. Their teeth embarrass them because they are crooked or have a gap between them. Sadly, this failure to smile harms their interactions with others.

A friendly smile shows a person is approachable. In fact, employers are less likely to hire a person who doesn’t smile. Anyone who feels embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth should speak to an orthodontist to learn if help is available.

Countless individuals benefit from Dental Braces. These orthodontic appliances correct a multitude of issues. In fact, an orthodontist can treat the following five issues with braces, so any person who dislikes their smile should consider this option.



Many people who visit an orthodontist do so because their teeth are too close together. The teeth overlap and negatively affect the person’s smile. This may be due to genetics, the early loss of primary teeth, or teeth that do not erupt properly.

Individuals find it difficult to brush and floss their teeth properly due to the crowding and can develop dental issues as a result. With the help of braces, this problem can be rectified.


Open Bite

Very few people suffer from an open bite, but those that do benefit from orthodontic treatment. An anterior open bite interferes with the individual’s ability to chew food properly, and they may find it difficult to speak.

A posterior open bite prevents the normal chewing of food. An orthodontist will likely recommend braces for individuals suffering from this rare condition, and treatment should occur at an early age to ensure normal speech development.

Orthodontists frequently recommend clear aligners to treat this problem.



When the top and bottom teeth overlap, dental professionals refer to this as an overbite. The teeth sit too far in front of the lower teeth but can be corrected. In fact, this serves as one of the reasons people opt for braces.

They wish to have this gap closed so they have a beautiful smile. The braces also help improve the person’s oral hygiene while reducing the risk of poor facial structure, facial pain, and temporomandibular joint problems.



Some men and women have teeth that aren’t properly spaced. They have a wide gap, such as the one seen in Michael Strahan’s smile. For some people, spacing issues arise because their teeth are smaller than the mouth, or it might be the person is missing one or more teeth.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can correct this issue. In doing so, it improves the appearance of the smile and helps improve the person’s oral health. Food is less likely to become trapped in the gaps between the teeth and lead to cavities.



When the bottom teeth protrude further from the mouth than the top teeth, an individual needs to see an orthodontist. This condition, known as an underbite, may interfere with the person’s ability to speak and eat while putting them more at risk of an oral injury. Braces become of great help in correcting the underbite while improving the person’s smile.

If you see a problem with your smile and believe braces can be of help, reach out to an orthodontist.

Many people wait until their dentist recommends they take this step, but there is no need to do so. It’s your smile, and you want it to be gorgeous in every way. With the right orthodontic treatment, this goal is easily met.