Does Lettuce Need To Be Refrigerated (Helpful Info!)

Did you buy a bag of lettuce to make burgers or your favorite coleslaw, and now you don’t know what to do with the leftover lettuce? 

Vegetables such as lettuce tend to go bad quickly if not stored properly.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a large amount of lettuce for your daily meals, you should know how to store it properly.

Many wonder does lettuce need to be refrigerated since refrigeration is a great way to keep fresh vegetables and fruits.

Continue reading to find out.


Does Lettuce Need To Be Refrigerated?

If you keep lettuce on your kitchen counter for too long, it will lose its freshness and get mushy.

Furthermore, if you ingest lettuce sitting at normal room temperature for an extended period, you may become ill due to bacteria buildup. Therefore, never keep lettuce out for more than two hours at normal room temperature.

This brings us to whether lettuce has to be refrigerated, which is a resounding yes. Lettuce may last much longer in the fridge, and a complete head of lettuce can survive up to three weeks in a refrigerator (1).

Separate lettuce leaves, on the other hand, will survive in the fridge for about a week.


Best Way to Refrigerate Lettuce

Since excessive moisture and air can damage lettuce and insufficient moisture and air can also cause it to go bad, it might be difficult to store lettuce properly.

Here is the best way to store lettuce to maintain its freshness and crunch:

  • Lettuce head: The best way to store a whole lettuce head is to clean it and let it dry. Next, wrap the lettuce in a moist paper towel before wrapping it in saran wrap or placing it in a resealable bag
  • Lettuce leaves: Wash the lettuce leaves to get rid of any dirt or bacteria. Next, dry the lettuce leaves and keep them in a quality container or lettuce keeper

If you like storing desperate lettuce leaves and not a whole head of lettuce, a lettuce keeper will help you ensure the leave stay fresh since it is built so that the lettuce leaves receive adequate airflow to keep fresh and also provides that there is no bacteria buildup.

If you are using a standard container to store the lettuce, always ensure it is not airtight, as if the lettuce does not get proper airflow, it will soon begin to decay.

Furthermore, if you are wrapping the lettuce with a moist paper towel, cover it with a new paper towel every day since the paper towel may get even moister in the fridge and cause the lettuce to lose its crispiness.


How Long Can You Keep Lettuce At Room Temperature?

As previously stated, keeping lettuce unrefrigerated for over two hours is not recommended.

But, if you forgot to put it in the groceries till a few hours later, you may still eat it after thoroughly washing it. However, if the lettuce was left unrefrigerated for more than 24 hours, it is better to discard it since it might cause food-related illnesses such as food poisoning.


What Can I Do With Lettuce Which Was Left Outside For Long?

It is never a good feeling to throw out uneaten food items.

So, if you have accidentally left lettuce outside for more than a few hours, there are a few signs you may look for to determine if it has rotten or if you can still consume it.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration to determine if your lettuce is rotten:

Smell: The best way to find out if any food item has gone bad is to smell it. If you smell your lettuce and it smells foul or odd in any way, that means that the lettuce has decayed, and you should throw it in the garbage immediately

Texture and color: If your lettuce starts to get a brown tint or black or white spots and the leaves look limp and feel soft, it is best not to take a chance and throw it away. The black and white spots on the lettuce can signal mold buildup

According to Healthline, mold buildup can cause dangerous and deadly diseases (2). This is why if you ever see that even one leaf of your lettuce is contaminated, it is advisable to throw all the lettuce leaves away since it may not be visible, but if one leaf has mold, the other leaves also have the same bacteria on it.


What Is The Right Way To Wash Lettuce?

You never know what process the lettuce went through to get to the supermarket where you bought it. Lettuce may include insects, germs, dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants that might harm your and your family’s health if consumed without being thoroughly washed.

Therefore, it is preferable not to entirely trust the grocery store and thoroughly wash the lettuce to ensure you get rid of any hazardous bacteria. The first step is to remove the lettuce from the supermarket bag and check it for any wilted or discolored leaves.

Remove any damaged leaves before washing the lettuce in lukewarm water and patting it dry with a clean washcloth.


Should I Freeze Lettuce?

Believe it or not, you can freeze lettuce. Many people freeze lettuce to keep it fresh and last longer. Whether or not to freeze lettuce is determined by a few factors. For example, are you planning to put the lettuce in a salad or use it in smoothies?

If you are planning to use lettuce for salads, it is better not to freeze it since freezing such vegetables causes them to get mushy and lose their crispness, and no one likes to eat a salad with soggy lettuce. Freezing is a viable option if you want to make smoothies or other dishes out of lettuce that does not require it to stay crisp.

There are multiple ways to freeze lettuce. You can wash the lettuce and place them inside a freezer bag or make a lettuce puree in the blender and store it in the refrigerator to make delicious smoothies.


What Is The Ideal Temperature To Store Lettuce?

The best temperature for storing lettuce is a low temperature of at least around 204.444°C.

It will most likely spoil if you keep lettuce at temperatures higher than 482.22°C. Therefore, if you reside somewhere with warm weather, you have even more reason to freeze lettuce and store it at a low temperature to keep it fresh and prevent germ buildup.


How Long Can Lettuce Stay Fresh In A Car?

If you leave lettuce in a car for a few hours, the lettuce will not stay in good shape. This is because when you lock a car, it tends to trap hot and humid air and become very hot.

As discussed above, hot and humid temperatures are not the best for lettuce and may cause germ growth. Therefore, never leave any vegetables or fruits in a car for too long, especially if you live in hot climates.


How to Keep Lettuce Fresh Without a Fridge

Fridges are the best method to store and keep greens fresh. If you don’t have a fridge right now, there are a few methods to keep lettuce fresh for up to seven days. First, you should preserve the lettuce in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight. Wrap the lettuce in a moist towel and place it inside a plastic bag.

Keep the bag open from the top to allow air to enter. Lettuce cannot survive without adequate airflow; therefore, keeping the bag open is critical to preventing the lettuce from going bad.


In Conclusion

So, if you were wondering does lettuce need to be refrigerated and have lettuce leftovers or have freshly picked lettuce from your lettuce garden, now you can adequately store your lettuce to ensure it stays fresh for longer.

Always refrigerate your lettuce or any other greens to make them last longer and ensure there is no bacteria contamination.

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1. How Can You Maintain The Freshness Of Bagged Lettuce?

Open the bag of greens as soon as you get the groceries home. Take a clean paper towel, insert it in the lettuce bag, and then clip it shut. Doing so will stop the leaves from decaying since the kitchen towel will soak up any moisture. This will prolong the freshness of the greens.


2. How Long Will Bagged Lettuce Last?

You will often find the expiration date of bagged lettuce behind the bag itself. According to still tasty, an unopened bag of lettuce will remain fresh for about a week to ten days (3).