Proven Foods, Herbs and Supplements That Relieve Joint Pain (Arthritis)


Arthritis is a form of joint inflammation that is mainly accompanied with joint pain. There is a myth that only the elderly have arthritis but that just happens to be a complete fallacy.

Arthritis is no respecter of age both young and old, male and female can have it. Arthritis goes a long way in the impairment of one’s ability to do their normal daily activities.

A great number of arthritis types has been identified and the number keeps increasing with new discoveries. The most common form of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis results from wear and tear of the joints.

It commonly affects the:

  • hands,
  • fingers,
  • hips,
  • knees,
  • feet,
  • and spine; and is escorted by pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the synovial membranes and articular structures, leading to deformities and disability.

Rheumatoid arthritis has no cure.



The cause of arthritis is so far not precise, it is dependent on a number of factors and the particular type or arthritis.

The causes could include;

  • Injury; this is one of the known causes of arthritis which is a result of a degenerative form of a previously sustained injury. The joints at the point of injury gradually wear and tear leading to arthritis. In this cause, excess weight makes the degenerative rate faster.
  • Metabolic abnormalities; is as a result of abnormal chemical reactions in the body which disrupt the flow of normal body activities. A metabolic abnormality can result as a result of some organs like the liver, pancreas, kidney, heart not functioning properly.
  • Hereditary factor; happens to be one of the causes of some (not all) forms of arthritis. A common example is rheumatoid arthritis in which certain genes have been identified to increase its risk. A family with the history of arthritis should be on the lookout.
  • Infections; are any illness that is induced by the certain type of germs. These infections are in the atmosphere and when in contact with any exposed nerve ending, they tend to induce arthritis. Unlike other types of arthritis, infectious arthritis when given prompt treatment tend not to result in a fatal situation.
  • Autoimmune; is when the body immune system unknowingly attacks.



The most common and first noticeable symptom of any type of arthritis is the different degree of pain which the patient experiences.

The common symptoms are;

  • Joint pain: This is medically known as Arthralgia when it is non-inflammatory. It could be as a result of a degenerative or destructive process or as a result of inflammation of the tissue surrounding the joint.
  • Stiffness: This is the complete or reduced loss of range of motion. This reduced motion range might be due to pain or just normal. This stiffness could also be as a result of pain during movement.
  • Painful swelling: This most times is as a result of wear and tear of the joint over a long period of time. It is usually accompanied by redness, soreness and it’s swollen.
  • Inflammation: The difference between inflammation and swelling is that inflammation is as a result of infection whereas swelling is not.
  • Fatigue: This is simply extreme tiredness of the muscles most especially that of the joint in the arms and legs.
  • Loss of appetite: This is medically known as anorexia. This is the decreased feeling to eat.
  • Slight fever: This is medically known as pyrexia. This is one of the most common symptoms of a wide range of diseases. It is usually branded by a slight increase in body temperature.

Natural Ways To Get Relief From Arthritis Pain

Natural remedies for arthritis pain include the following;

  • Watch your weight: Excess weight tend to increase the gravity of the pain experienced during arthritis. With less weight, you reduce the tension on your joint thereby improving movement and reducing pain.
  • Exercise regularly: Aside the benefit of maintaining a healthy weight, exercise also reduces the stress on your joints.
  • Hot and cold rehabilitation: Simple rehabilitation technique as a warm bath helps to reduce pain. And the cold treatment has been known to help relief pain.
  • Acupuncture: It is an alternative form of ancient Chinese medicine. This involves the stimulation of precise points on the skin in order to redistribute the pain.
  • Use meditation and relaxation: When you are relaxed, it helps to reduce the pain of arthritis.
  • Eat right: What you eat goes a long way in helping to cope with pain. Omega-3 and omega-6 acid in a diet help to lessen pain.
  • Massage: It helps to reduce stiffness and pain.
  • Use herb and spice supplement: be sure to use herbs and spices that help to reduce pain.


Foods, Herbs, and Supplements That Relieve Arthritis

Foods generally help to prevent and manage arthritis pain as well as inflammations. A balanced meal helps to reduce the symptom and pain. Eating of large diets also helps to reduce the pain.

Foods that help to relief arthritis pain are;

Fatty fish like Mackerel (1)

Green tea (2)

 Olive oil (3)

Carotenes (4)

Fruits like oranges, guava, raspberries (5)

Anthocyanins present in cherries and berries (6)

Herbs and supplements that help to relief arthritis pain are;

 Boswellia serrata (Indian frankincense) (7)

 Bromelain (8)

 Devil’s claw (9)

 Ginkgo (10)

 Stinging nettle (11)

 Thunder god vine (12)

 Ginger and turmeric (13)

√ Capsaicin (14)

 Fish oil (15)

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