Not Brushing Could Cause More Than Bad Breath!

Dental hygiene is important. The importance of its good dental hygiene is needed because your mouth is where ingestion starts.

If you have a dirty mouth, germs are going to go down into your stomach.(1)

Rashes and sores in the mouth are going to manifest bacteria other than the ones that are supposed to be there aiding with ingestion.


Stomach, Mouth Connection

We all know what happens when unwanted bacteria gets into our stomach or get in our system any at all.

If you are not sure of what happens when you ingest germs or bacteria, let me tell. You get sick, diarrhea, stomach flues, food poisoning.(2)

A lot of people are now going to ask me now, how do you get food poisoning from your own mouth. Food poisoning is caused by food getting contaminated.

If your mouth is full of contaminants, you will contaminate the food. Brushing, flossing, using mouthwash on a regular basis, visiting the dentist, letting the dentist take care of your cavities and worst case scenario rotten teeth.

Getting any sores and such that are in or on your mouth looked after and that includes cold sores as well, are all good ways of taking care of your choppers.

I have spoken to people about dental hygiene and I have gotten some amazing answer. One guy told he wasn’t going to live forever, and when he is dead he won’t need them.

He said he took some care of them, meaning he brushes now and then. It does not make any difference if you are not going to use them after your dead, you are using them now and we should all by now associate dirty or unclean with germs and bacteria.

Taking care of your teeth is not just for you because no one would want to be offended by bad breath including you, so why would you want to be the one causing the offense.

If you are close to someone and you frequently share with them, you are going to share your germs and bacteria with them as well.

Your Health And Others

To keep in good health you have to take care of your entire body, mind, and soul, so you have to eat healthy, think healthy, and live healthily.

What goes in your mouth goes in your stomach, what goes in your stomach gets filtered into your blood stream.

If a harmful germ or bacteria get in your mouth and you do not do what is needed to get rid of from grass root, it is going down into your stomach, it is going to cause problems and discomfort there, and if this germ or bacteria is a strong and dangerous one then you are in for problems.

It is going to then get filtered to your blood stream and there is where all hell is going to break loose.

You will get sick and worst case scenario, you could die.(3) Dental care can lead to death, so don’t just think the only repercussion for not taking care of your mouth is bad breath.

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