Liver, Kidney and Cardiovascular Health (Detox and Cleanse Tips)

To have a full understanding of the liver, kidney and cardiovascular health, it is very important to discuss each organ briefly, what it entails and how they are related.

The human liver which happens to be the largest human internal organ is an essential organ with a wide variety of functions.(1)

It is located below the diaphragm in the abdominal-pelvic region of a human stomach.

Looking into the functions in which the liver play a vital part in make it possible to categorically claim that the liver happens to have the highest number of functions in relation to other organs of the body.(1)

And up until date, no artificial organ has been devised to take up the entire role the liver plays.

Natural Ways To Improve Liver, Kidney And Cardiovascular Health

The kidney is a bean shaped structure that serves the major function of filtering all the waste product from the blood and pass them into the urine.(2)

Every human naturally possesses two kidneys each on both sides of the body. But the body having two kidneys doesn’t mean it needs the two to function properly.(3)

One is perfectly enough to help a person throughout life. Without the kidney, an artificial process that takes up the full function of the kidney is available known as dialysis (which performs the function of filtering the blood), but note that; its function is very essential.

In regards to the cardiovascular health, the cardiovascular system has to be involved and it is made up of the heart and blood vessels coupled with the blood it transports.

The “cardiac” in cardiovascular is a Greek word that means “heart” while the “vascular” is from a Latin word which means “blood vessels”. But then what good is the discussion of blood vessels without talking about the blood itself.

The heart happens to be the center of the functionality of all other organs making it a very important organ that should not be sidelined in the body.

These three all has a common component; “blood”.

When you pay conscious attention to this three aspect of your health then your body is bound to function properly.


6 Natural Ways To Improve Liver, Kidney And Cardiovascular Health

When speaking in respects of ways of naturally improving your liver, kidney and cardiovascular health; then you are speaking in relation to what you take in.

What relates these three is more of a conjoined triplet situation in which they are connected but also different.

To improve them requires almost the same way but they all still perform separate functions.

They all take part in blood circulation and transport of materials through the body in one way or the other involves them.

The liver, kidney, heart and blood vessels work hand in hand to transport and remove toxic waste substances from the body.


Natural ways for you to improve the health of your liver, kidney and cardiovascular system to make you healthier are as follows;

1. Avoid Alcohol intake and smoking

Excess alcohol intake overworks the liver and kidney, hence changing how they regulate fluid and electrolyte in the body as well as makes the liver toxic.(4)

Whereas smoking of cigarettes which contains nicotine, a substance that constricts  the blood vessels hence hindering the flow of blood.(5)

2. Healthy Food intake

What a man eats makes him. Not all food types are particularly good, but above all the balance of a particular type of food gives the body the necessary nutrients it needs to improve health generally.

Liver, Kidney and Cardiovascular Health Tips

3. Regular exercise

High cholesterol level in the body is extremely dangerous and the best way to cut down on body cholesterol is through exercise. Obesity has been known to increase the risk of kidney diseases.

Regular exercise improves blood circulation hence, improving liver, kidney and cardiovascular health.(6)

4. Regular detoxification

The best form of detoxification since time immemorial has been the regular intake of water as well as roughages.

Toxic substances naturally accumulate in the liver, kidney and heart from food intake and these substances needs to be removed regularly.

5. Avoid inhalation of lethal substances

Lots of household chemicals that we commonly use happen to be lethal.

For instance the concentrated chemical in aerosol sprays, substances containing inorganic arsenic. And the most common one which is carbon monoxide.

6. Relaxation

Relaxation can be in different forms and this is a very natural to calm the flow of blood hence minimizing the workload effect on the liver, kidney, heart and the blood vessels.(7)


Foods, Herbs and Spices That Improve Liver, Kidney and Cardiovascular Health

Foods, herbs, and spices serve various functions in the body but they mostly function for the liver, kidney, heart, and blood vessels. They include;

  1. Foods; that improve the liver, kidney and cardiovascular health are any substance consumed which provides nutritional value to the body as well as improve health.

They include the following;

Fresh fruits


Sea fish and Herring(Fish and oil containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids)

Chicken and beef liver


Low-fat and non-fat dairy product

2. Herbs; that help to improve the liver, kidney, cardiovascular health are numerous but discussing a few of them is only appropriate. They are the leafy and green part of plants extracted to improve health.

They include;


 Milk thistle




 Horse chestnut

 Holly basil (tulsi)

 Couch grass

 Green tea

 Uva ursi

3. Spices; are those substances gotten from the part of the plant that is not the leaf but rather parts like the stem, root, bulb, bark or seeds. They help to bring health to the liver, kidney and cardiovascular system.

They include;




√ Curcumin


Foods, Herbs and Spices That Are Great For Detox And Cleanse

Foods that help to detoxify especially include water and the class of food known as roughages which help to cleanse not just the liver, kidney, heart and blood vessels alone but the entire body as a whole to bring perfect health.

They include;





 Lemons and lime


Herbs; that detoxify include;



Spices; that detoxify include;






On a final note, it’s important you include all the food listed above in your diet not just to improve your liver, kidney, cardiovascular health alone, but to have a healthy body system.

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