Quick Weight Loss Diet Tips

Let me assume that you’re considering a quick weight loss diet because something big is coming up in your life such as a wedding, reunion, big date, promotion, awards ceremony, or just a realization that something has to be done.

GREAT! You’ve made the first step – realizing that you need and want to change.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the benefits of a quick weight loss diet plan. There are various reasons why a person may want to use a quick weight loss diet.

Some people may want to lose weight, detoxify the body, or prevent any number of diseases.

However, the weight you lose quickly is mostly going to be water weight, and it’s probably not going to stay gone.

In saying that, we’re not going to stay on this diet for any longer than necessary, and once you begin to introduce foods you were previously eating back into your diet, it will enable you to identify the problem foods which were the causing the weight gain or other digestive health problems.

Also, by eating more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables in this quick weight loss diet, you will hopefully start enjoying these foods even more, perhaps even undertaking a raw food diet and juicing to feel better and lose weight for good!

So, knowing all of that, let’s get started!

The very first thing you want to do is cut down on your soda, caffeine, and diet drinks, and drink more water.

You’re in a hurry, so I won’t bore you with the details, but this is the most important element to a quick weight loss start.

Water is essential to fat removal, so drink more.(2) I recently discovered a new method that works great for me.

I took some of my 24 ounce soda bottles, filled them with water, and stuck them in the fridge.

I started with 2, and after about a month, I now have 6 in there plus the one I’m drinking!

During this time, I cut my diet soda drinking from several bottles a day all the way down to 1, and occasionally 2. Now, I even have a big bottle of water sitting beside my soda, and I’m surprised at how many times I pick up the water instead of the soda.

Drinking over 100 ounces of water a day is a huge benefit for anyone trying to lose weight. Try it, you’ll be amazed at the benefits!

Now, let’s talk about changing your eating habits, and eating less food more times a day.

The idea here is to cut down your portion size but eat more often throughout your day. Recent studies have shown that simply cutting back on our food consumption is not enough.(1)

It merely causes the metabolism to slow down, which then makes us store our fat. To alter the metabolism, it’s necessary to alter our food intake.

Now, we’re not saying you can eat as much as you want, but rather, that you should eat smaller amounts throughout your day.

While you’re at it, why not eat healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables?

They are so much healthier, include their own fiber, antioxidants, necessary nutrition, and a host of other benefits that will aid in your quick weight loss diet.

If you need a snack, a plate of veggies or fruit will help you feel full, and give you energy.



So many dieters want to skip breakfast, thinking their bodies will just burn calories faster.

Sorry, it doesn’t work! Quite the opposite, in fact.

So, have something for breakfast, preferably without the milk. Are you used to having sausage, pancakes, eggs, and juice?

Actually, that’s one of my favorite breakfasts!

But, here’s how I do it now:

Skip the pancakes; one link of turkey sausage; one egg, (you might want to try one of the egg substitutes, I just like the real thing, but it does have a lot of bad cholesterol), and one slice of whole wheat toast with a little natural peanut butter and honey.

And, of course, one glass of natural, no sugar or fructose added juice. Now, I only enjoy that breakfast about once or twice a week, and that makes it a special treat.

The rest of the time, I take a meal substitute drink, or a bowl of steel cut oatmeal, slow cooked on the stove the old-fashioned way. I add a little honey for flavor, no sugar, and maybe a banana.

The point in a quick weight loss diet is to change things up, cut back on portion size, eat more frequently, drink more water/juice, and watch the pounds drop off during your quick weight loss sprint.



Most of us have to take lunch either at work or on the road, so, it’s important to think about it ahead of time and plan for it.

Have a nice big bottle of water about 20 minutes before you do lunch. This will curb your appetite, and help you eat less.

I know you know this, but if you must eat at a fast food restaurant, please order the salad and a water or tea.

The burgers and sandwiches at most of these places are so loaded with fat that you cannot hope for quick weight loss if you’re eating there more than once every couple of weeks.

Keep your goal in mind – you’re doing this for a reason, and sacrifices must be made!

If you find you’re getting hungry, and you will, have a healthy snack of fruit or some carefully chosen granola bar available.

I like to have some yogurt in the middle of my day, but you have to be careful which ones you choose, as many low fat ones are worse than the regular brands.


Dinner is where we have to be the most careful. It’s the meal we really need the least, as we’re usually done with our physical activity for the day.

Go ahead and have a meal, but try to cut back on that red meat, and if you can’t eliminate it, at least get the lean cuts, and shrink the size.

Add more vegetables and beans and accompany your meals with some juice. I really like the Sparkling Pomegranate Juice.

It’s delicious, pomegranates are phenomenal for the body, and contrary to what you may think, drinking carbonated/sparkling water offers the same benefits as drinking plain water.

In fact, it is a great alternative to soda.

The common wisdom is to have a colorful plate, meaning different colors of vegetables and fruits. Especially while you’re working on this quick weight loss diet, try to skip dessert completely.

You don’t need the fat.

If you do dinner right, you’re going to get hungry, say 3 or 4 hours later. This is a great time for a healthy, non-sugary snack.

Popcorn with no butter or salt is great. A fruit plate, anything with few calories that tastes good. This will also help you not be ravenous while you’re sleeping.


The Hard Part – Exercise!

One last thing about your evening. After dinner or even a half hour before you go to bed, try getting some exercise.

A walk around the block, or to a friends house, even a game of basketball or softball with friends and family is great.

The point is that we must get regular exercise six to seven days a week in order to get back in shape with our bodies and our hearts.

If you have time to get to the gym, that’s great. If not, find someone and get some exercise around the house.

Once you’ve started, a good half-hour a day is optimal. Also, the more intense you can make it, (without over-stressing yourself!) the better it is for your quick weight loss goals and your heart.

A few parting remarks:

Don’t starve yourself – it just doesn’t work, and it’s bad for you;

be consistent;

keep improving your diet;

don’t weigh yourself more than once every 30 days – it’s more fun to see what has happened in the last month,

and more noticeable; if you slip on your quick weight loss diet, don’t despair or give up – just resolve to do better;

 finally, be proud that you’re working on your health – you’re a step ahead of when you started, and your body and your friends and family will love you for it!

And once your special event has come and gone, continue with the changes you’ve temporarily made. You’re already on your way to a healthier lifestyle – you might as well stay on track!

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