Reduce Your Energy Bills to Zero with Solar Panels!

Reducing your electricity bills to zero may seem like a pipe dream to many homeowners, especially when you get your monthly bill to pay!

You probably know that solar energy is a good idea but are not sure how to get started with it. Good news – this article will guide you through some basics to help you reduce your energy bills to zero!


Zero cost electricity – it must be too good to be true?

Installing solar panels to power your home or business can give you freedom from electricity bills and a few more valuable dollars each month to spend on other things.

To get to that position, you need to plan the costs for acquiring your home solar panels and having them installed by a trusted solar panels company.

After this, you can expect to pay off your investment in around three years, meaning your freedom from electricity costs will come at that point.

Given that most solar panels last between 20-30 years, your investment will pay off for that time period.


What are the components of home solar panels?

The good news is that reputable solar companies in California will be able to guide you through the finer technical aspects of the process.

All you really need to know is that home solar systems are more than just the panels – there is also the inverter that converts the electricity into AC power.

The size (and cost) of the inverter depends on how much energy your panels generate, and how much you need to power your home.

The best solar company in California will be able to efficiently size this up for you.

You will also need to factor in batteries to store your excess power for periods of no sunshine, as well as racking to host your panels safely on the roof.


How to install your panels

Solar electricity can be dangerous, just like any other form of electricity.

With this in mind, think about whether you are happy to install the system yourself or whether it would be safer to have a professional do the job.

Do you live in California?

With a trusted solar panels company in California you can benefit from a completely safe installation, in addition to expert advice along every step of the journey.

From access to financial products to site surveys, specialists can make your home solar project run smoothly from beginning to end.


Funding your project

Although the price of solar panels has become much more affordable over time, the initial cost can still run into the thousands of dollars. On the face of it, this makes solar inaccessible to many homeowners.

By consulting with a solar company, you will open doors for yourself you may not have known existed. There are many incentives designed to drive solar uptake depending on your financial situation.

These include loans to spread the cost, tax credits to reduce the total outlay, and even grants for some of the costs.

Navigating these products can be a bit of a minefield, so it can be easier to let a pro do the heavy lifting for you.