Amazing Facts And Health Benefits Of Mango (Mangifera Indica) Fruit

As much as yummier is this fruit, it has multiple health benefits. It is a drupe fruit with flesh and a seed.

This fruit that comes in a variety of red, yellow, and orange pulp inside, is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

One of the most amazing facts about mangoes is that they are the most consumed fruit around the globe.

If you think that mangoes are only available in certain parts of the world, then you must know that they are imported to almost all the parts of the globe.

People around the world have a chance of relishing this fruit. They have always been referred to as the king of all the fruits due to their superior taste. Also, please check are mangoes acidic or alkaline if you concerned about that.

Most of the fruits and vegetables have health benefits. Though mango has a sweet taste, it has multiple health benefits and nutritional value.


Origin Of Mangoes

This fruit is said to have originated in Burma and India, nearly four thousand years ago. There are many facts in mythology related to this tree.

In India, this tree is said to be auspicious. It is said that Gautama Buddha meditated in the mango groves. Mango leaves are considered to be auspicious and used during all the Indian festivals.

Many people plant mango trees in their homes in India. India is still the world’s largest producer of this fruit. Indian mangoes are exported to many countries abroad.

They are also used to make many herbal medicines in countries like China. (1)

Variety Of Mangoes

Mangoes are good for pregnant women (you should consult your doctor first) as they promote the flow of oxygen in their body and give them sufficient amount of iron that they need when they are pregnant.(2)

There are different varieties of mangoes, like;

» Alphonso

» Angie

» Sindheri

» Kesar

» Graham

and many other flavors of mangoes are available in the market.

Mango butter is made from mango extracts that do wonders to smoothen the skin. This is a natural and organic butter that is good for the skin.

If you have chapped or dry skin, then you can use mango butter and smoothen your skin.


15 Amazing Mango Health Benefits (No. 8 is Awesome)

Many conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart problems are a result of a chosen lifestyle.

If you have a sedentary life, and you hardly make a movement of your body, then you are likely to suffer from these lifestyle-related health ailments.

Many types of research and studies have said that consuming mangoes reduce obesity, heart ailments, diabetes, and is good for hair and skin. (3)

It also helps in reducing weight and reduces many age-related muscular problems.

Additionally, consuming mangoes daily have these health benefits: (4,6,10,11,12,13,14,15)

#1. The beta carotene found in mangoes reduces the risk of having asthma. This is a nutrient that is mostly found in orange and yellow colored fruits and vegetables

#2 This nutrient that is present in mango also protects against different kinds of cancer, such as, colon cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, breast and lung cancer.

#3 Your bone health is also improved by consuming this fruit

4# Though, mango is a sweet fruit, it helps people suffering from diabetes. This fruit is rich in fiber and helps diabetic people improve their condition as it has fiber, and diabetic people are recommended foods that are rich in fiber

#5 Mangoes have fiber and also water content that is good for the digestive system. It promotes having a better digestive tract

#6 Mangoes also contain potassium that helps reduce the risk of having a heart attack

#7 Vitamin C in mangoes builds the collagen that is good for hair and skin

#8 Vitamin A in mangoes protects the eyes and keeps the eyesight strong

#9 Mango also contains iron, that is, especially, good for the women kind who menstruates and loses blood giving them anemic condition. Lack of iron in the body also leads to depression. So, eating mangoes can not only keep you healthy but also keep you happy and away from any mental condition

#10 The sweet and sour combination of mangoes also prevents from kidney stones to be formed in the body

#11 This fruit has Vitamin A and Vitamin C together that keeps the immune system strong

#12 This fruit also slows the process of aging

#13 They are the best dietary supplements that are good for mind, body, and skin

#14 When you burn mango leaves, its fumes help relieve pain in the throat

#15 This tree has many antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Mango Diet

Here are a few ways you can incorporate mangoes into your diet daily. There are a few simple recipes that you can easily rustle up in your kitchen and give your body all the benefits of eating this fruit.

Make fruit salads, sweet dishes, and slices in your snacks daily

Add this fruit to flavor the iced tea, lemonade, or any other mixed fruit juice

Make a fruit salsa and top it on tacos

Mango smoothies are a favorite amongst people of all age groups. Don’t miss on this smoothie as it is tasty and also nutritious

Make a variety of hot and sweet dishes and snacks using mango as one of the ingredients


Nutrients In Mangoes

One bowl of mangoes gives nearly a hundred calories of energy. Additionally, they have seventy five percent of Vitamin C which has antioxidants and also boosts immunity of your system.(5)

Vitamin A is present in twenty five percent, which is good for vision and has rich antioxidants that kill the free radicals remain in the body.

Most people don’t get enough beta carotenes in their diet and mangoes provide a tasty way to do that.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B in an eleven percent is available in this fruit, which promotes hormonal production in the brain.

Mango is considered to be probiotic as it contains nine percent of the fiber. Nine percent of copper produced red blood cells which keep the body healthy.(5)

It also contains seven percent of potassium and magnesium that is good for the bone health. (5)


Side Effects

While there are many advantages of the vitamins and nutrients present in the fruit, consuming excess of this fruit also has side effects.(15)

It increases the blood sugar levels in the blood if consumed more than required. Overeating this fruit can also cause diarrhea.

There is a white substance that comes out of raw mangoes that cause allergies to a few people.

A few people experience watery eyes, runny nose, and sometimes also an anaphylactic shock. Blisters and many such allergies are caused when the sap of the mango falls on the skin.

If you over eat this fruit, you may also gain weight.


Other Facts

You must not expose raw mangoes to sunlight and always store them at room temperature. If you refrigerate mangoes, they will not ripen in the fridge.

In America, mango is considered an exotic fruit. There are many recipes of mangoes. While raw mangoes are used for pickles and the mango leaves are used to make gravy, this fruit has both pros and cons.

If you eat this fruit moderately, you will never have to deal with these side effects. You should avoid eating a dried or a bruised mango.

The only way to know if a mango is ripe is to squeeze it a little bit and look for softness. A ripe mango is always soft.

Each and every part of the mango tree, including its fruit, serves some useful purpose.

Eating this fruit can prevent many chronic diseases from occurring, as it oxidizes the system by boosting immunity.

It also reduces the death of cells in the body. This also has antiviral and anti HIV properties.

A branch of alternative medicine called Ayurveda has multiple ways of using every bit of this fruit, its bark, its leaves, and create medicines for healing wounds and allergies. (7)


Herbal Uses – Mango Leaves

Mango leaves are used to remedy fever. Additionally, they are also used to treat insomnia and hypertension.(8)

If you are driven by anxiety, which seems to be the most common ailment of the modern world, you can add the tea made from mango leaves to your bath and bathe with this water to soothe your nerves.

Herbal remedies rarely show any side effects. Instead of using pills to reduce anxiety, you can always use this effective solution.

Pills are chemical compounds and can also have many side effects, which are sometimes long lasting. Therefore, using herbal remedies is the safest.

If you feel that your veins are strained, then take new or young leaves of mango, boil them in water, and add sugar.

Just like you prepare tea, you can brew these leaves in hot water and take this decoction.

If you have problems with your gums, then brushing your teeth with the bark of this tree is good to keep your gums healthy. Mango leaves are used to cure most of the respiratory problems, such as a cough, cold, and asthma.

Varicose veins can be very painful. If you have been suffering from this condition, then, mix mango, papaya, and guava juice and drink this juice every day.

This is one fruit, whose leaves and bark also find a useful purpose. (9)


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