Motivation Starts Here: 3 Powerful Reasons to Become an Egg Donor Today

Very often, fertility issues arise in a woman that can make it difficult or even impossible to become pregnant on their own.

This often requires them to seek help through a fertility clinic to find the cause of the issue and explore options to conceive. Sometimes, the inability to produce viable eggs of their own can be a major complication.

When these women receive donated eggs, they can then have the eggs fertilized in vitro. The fertilized eggs are then implanted in the uterus and, in nine months, she can become the mother she always wanted to be.

However, this whole process depends on egg donation. Without the generosity of donors, these women would be unable to have children of their own.



The egg donation process can be long and bothersome for anyone to undergo. Each donor will go through a lengthy screening process before getting started.

Next, she will go through a 12 to 15 day period of medications that can cause some discomfort for some women. Finally, there is the procedure to procure the eggs. This can take a lot out of a woman’s personal life, and her time should be compensated.

Often, egg donors are young women just starting out in life.

This compensation can be a great benefit for them. Although the money is not a large amount due to financial constraints of the couples needing the donation and ethical questions surrounding payment for such things, it can be very helpful.

Facilities, such as MCRM Fertility, pay a minimum of $5000 per donation. Some women have used this compensation to pay off student loans or for a down payment on their first home.

Although the compensation is nowhere near the value a person can receive from helping a couple start a family, it is an added benefit for the process. The compensation, at the bare minimum, will ease the burden she has to endure during the egg donation process.

It is hoped that it will make it a little more worthwhile for those wishing to donate.


An Act of Empowerment

pregnant woman with doctor

Knowledge is power!!

When a person knows more about themselves and their bodies, they are able to make informed decisions about their lives.

When planning to donate eggs, the first thing a woman will experience is the testing process. This process involves a battery of tests that will allow her to gain helpful insight into her health, genetics, and fertility. Any potential health risks can be identified during this process.

When the genetic tests are performed, the woman will be able to know if she is at risk for a variety of conditions and problems in her future.

This can allow her to take steps to prepare or even prevent some of these conditions. Various genetic markers can put someone at high risk for certain health issues later in life.

The woman will also be put through a variety of fertility tests.

She will learn how viable her eggs are and how healthy her follicles are. This can help provide her with a full picture of her fertility health.

This can help her plan future children of her own with more confidence. These tests, on their own, can cost a person thousands of dollars.

However, during the donation process, they are covered.

Donors will also receive a psychological evaluation before the process begins. It is to ensure that she is mentally prepared for the process of egg donation.

This is another type of testing that is free of charge for the donor. It also helps ensure that she understands the process and can complete the process successfully and safely.


An Act of Love

For many couples, it is a long and difficult process before they ever get to the point of receiving donor eggs.

For some couples, it may have been years of trying naturally before they ever even went to a fertility doctor.

Fortunately, an egg donor has the ability to give them that wish.

It is a great gift of love a donor is providing for that couple. With the donor’s wonderful gift, that couple can have the child they were dreaming of. It is like completing the puzzle of their life. The birth of their first child will provide them with a lifetime of joy and happiness.

This joy and happiness are provided by the wonderful gift of an egg donor. Although there is compensation for the process, it will never be as valuable as the life the donor was a part of creating. The family that the donor helped to complete will provide a wonderful feeling of altruism and love.

Egg donation truly is a special gift of one’s self to complete a family.

Egg donation is not a process anyone should take lightly. It is a major decision that can change another couple’s world.

For example, the medications that a donor must take for a couple of weeks can have some side effects of their own. These common side effects include hot flashes, headache, fatigue, and body aches.

Some women have experienced mood swings, bruising at the injection site, and even sore breasts.


In Conclusion

The actual donation process is a minor procedure that usually takes about thirty minutes.

A hospital stay is not necessary.

However, some women do need several days of rest to fully recover from the entire process.

It is always important to discuss any questions and risks about the procedure with the healthcare provider before beginning the process.

This beautiful process will help create a life and allow a couple the ability to complete their family.