6 Reasons to Have a Sit-Down Breakfast

Do you bother with breakfast?

Chances are you don’t, apart from a coffee or quick snack.

An increasing number of people are skipping the traditional morning meal these days. But if you’re one of them, think again.

Breakfast is often referred to be the most important meal of the day, and it certainly has oodles to offer.

Here are six different ways you and your family can profit from regular, sit-down breakfasts.


1# The nourishment boosts you up for the day

A light, wholesome meal, first thing in the morning, will fire you up for the day.

Its nutrients will energize you, both physically and mentally, empowering you for the activities and challenges ahead.

What’s more, the sheer process of eating will help you shrug off that early morning drowsiness and get going.


2# You digest better sitting down

When you sit down to eat and drink in a leisurely fashion, you do your body a favor.

The food will go down more smoothly, preventing indigestion, and you may absorb more goodness when you’re at rest, too.


3# It’s an opportunity for gathering and sharing

If you have a family, you can take the meal together, before going your different ways for the day.

This is a great opportunity to build bonds, share thoughts and feelings, and check on everyone’s plans.

Your children will be reassured by this window of time with you before setting off to school.

They will also be well-nourished by the meal and geared up for the day ahead.


4# It marks the new day

Breakfast is an event to get up for!!

It celebrates the arrival of a new day, bringing structure and perspective into your life.

Set a regular time for the meal, and it’ll serve as a guide and incentive for your other commitments.


5# It warms and cheers

A light, tasty meal with a refreshing drink will brighten even the darkest morning.

Whether the day is literally dark, or whether you’re just missing your bed and feeling a little blue, breakfast will boost you up.

Choose a warm, comfortable place to sit, preferably with something pleasant to look at while you eat, like a vase of flowers or the sky outside.

Maybe set some soothing music playing in the background, too.


6# It saves the need for convenience snacks

Breakfast is an easy meal to cater. Just keep a stock of your chosen foods for it, such as cereals, bread and spreads, yogurts and fruit, and pop them on the table each morning.

You can cook eggs and bacon or other hot foods if you wish, but there are plenty of popular alternatives that don’t need any cooking at all.

By providing your own food, you’ll avoid the need for convenience snacks.

These tend to be more expensive, as well as more fattening and less wholesome than home-produced food.


In Conclusion

Once you get breakfast into your daily routine, you’ll start to feel it enriching your life.

Your family will reap the benefits, too, from day to day and into the future.

No wonder this great, old tradition lives on!

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