Nutrition Tips for Hair Loss and Healthy Hair

If you are experiencing hair loss, you might be feeling overwhelmed as you try to discover what is causing your hair loss and ways to grow it back fast.

One element of healthy hair growth that is often overlooked, but arguably the most important, is your nutrition.

You can buy all the products in the world, but if you do not nourish your body, hair growth will not be sustainable.


What nutrients do you need to grow back your hair?

You might be wondering what nutrients are the most important for your hair health, so here’s a quick breakdown (1);

  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins

These vitamins and minerals can be an essential part of growing (and keeping) healthy hair.

Some of the best sources of these nutrients are eggs, avocados, fatty fish, berries, greens, citrus fruits, legumes, and greek yogurt. (2) Adding these foods to your plate will help you reach your hair goals in no time.


Should you supplement your diet to get the right nutrients?

So what if you try to eat healthily, but are still struggling to get all of the nutrients your body needs?

One easy solution is to add daily vitamins, or hair growth vitamins, to your hair loss routine. These vitamins will have the essential nutrients you need and include other hair growth stimulating ingredients like: horsetail extract, stinging nettle, collagen, and saw palmetto.

These ingredients work together to stimulate hair growth and help supplement any potential nutrient deficiencies you might have.


Are there other natural alternatives to speed up hair growth?

You now know that getting the right nutrients is essential to grow back and maintain healthy hair, but is there a way to speed up the process?

The answer is yes!

These natural alternatives work with your body instead of against it.

1. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT is a natural, non-invasive way to speed up hair growth. LLLT works by using a laser cap to gently stimulate hair growth, block DHT, and restore old hair cells. (3) This solution is FDA cleared and works excellently alongside a healthy diet, with hair growth results in as little as four months.

2. Hair Growth Shampoo

Another option you can try is using a hair growth shampoo. While nutrients stimulate hair growth from the inside, hair growth shampoos support healthy hair growth from the outside. Hair growth shampoos help strengthen your existing hair while also blocking harmful hair growth deterrents like DHT.

3. Daily Exercise

Exercise is a wonderful way to increase hair growth. When you move your body, it increases blood flow and circulation, helping vital nutrients reach your scalp. Try adding in some cardio just a few days per week to start.


In conclusion

If you are ready to put your hair troubles behind you, add these nutrients and other natural alternatives to your daily life.

While hair loss can be troubling, you are not stuck with thinning hair forever. Eating healthy and using hair growth support like LLLT and shampoos will help you be well on your way to a full head of hair.

About the Author

Tiffany Fuller is a creator on behalf of illumiflow dedicated to holistic wellness.