Is Tooth Pain Making You Wake up in the Middle of the Night? Try These 6 Quick Home Remedies

Dealing with tooth pain can be miserable, especially when it occurs during the night.

While minor tooth pain may not be anything to worry about, severe and unrelenting pain requires immediate treatment.

Waiting too long to seek dental treatment can lead to increased pain and even damage to a person’s oral health.


What Causes Tooth Pain?

When tooth pain strikes, individuals need to find the Best Family Dentist in the area.

No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night because their tooth is hurting. Tooth pain can range from mild to severe and has different underlying causes.

The following are some of the common causes of tooth pain that should never be ignored.

  • Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons for people suffering from tooth pain. When decay eats away at a tooth, the inside nerves can become exposed and lead to serious pain.
  • Injuries to the tooth can also lead to pain. If a tooth breaks or becomes cracked, nerve exposure can occur.
  • Pain in the teeth can also be caused by erosions. Erosions are microscopic openings that cause nerve pain.
  • Infection is another source of tooth pain. When an infection occurs, swelling and inflammation of the nerve can result.

Should a person suffer from any of the above, they need to schedule an appointment for immediate dental care.

Treatment from the dentist can bring great relief for tooth pain sufferers and can also protect their oral health.


6 Quick Remedies for Tooth Pain

When it is the middle of the night and tooth pain erupts, it can be difficult to get relief.

Waiting to see the dentist for relief is not always possible. When the pain just will not stop, the following quick remedies can help.

  1. Elevating the head while sleeping can bring welcome relief. Elevation helps to remove the pressure placed on the aching tooth and may allow a person to get some much-needed sleep.
  2. Before going to bed, brush and floss carefully. Removing any food particles that could contribute to tooth pain is important.
  3. Putting clove oil on the affected tooth can help ease pain and inflammation. This is an old remedy that really works.
  4. If the gum tissue around the tooth is inflamed, warm salt water can be helpful in reducing the swelling and irritation.
  5. For fast relief, over-the-counter pain medications can be used. It is a good idea to consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking these medications.
  6. Swelling and inflammation associated with a toothache can be relieved with an ice pack applied to the face. Ice helps to keep swelling to a minimum, which can relieve pain.


See the Dentist Right Away

Dentists have the knowledge and tools to ensure tooth pain is brought under control!

Tooth decay can be treated with a filling, and infections are brought under control with medications.

With treatment, individuals can begin to feel relief promptly.



Dealing with a nagging toothache in the middle of the night is no fun.

Those who have tooth pain need to be aware of the options for quick relief. In addition to the above treatments, it is imperative a person schedules a dental appointment as soon as possible.

With proper dental care, individuals can protect the health of their smiles and stop the pain.