How To Lose Weight By Taking A Bath?

Imagine that you are enjoying a warm aromatic bath and at the same time lose weight and strengthen your health.

Is it possible to lose weight and restore the health in a more pleasant way?


Aromatic Bath Used for Fun and For Therapeutic Purposes

Especially loved the bath was in ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra knew a lot about the elixir of youth and beauty.

Her recipes fragrant baths kept in great secrecy. Baths with essential oils in antiquity considered the royal luxury.

Who at least once took a bath with the addition of natural essential oils, will never forget the amazing feeling of joy and renewal, a sense of bliss.

These water treatments deliver pleasure. Did you try it? If not, believe me, you have lost a lot!

It is a ritual – the whole action, which is useful not only for the body but for the soul also.

It inspires confidence in yourself makes you feel like a real deal – loving yourself and your body.


Aromatic Bath – instead sauna, gym, and beautician!

Baths with essential oils for weight loss can replace the sauna, gym and beautician at the same time.

Bath could be the most powerful, efficient and affordable method of aromatherapy for weight loss, especially for women who want to have a velvety and silky skin, tightened figure, clear contours of the body and good mood!


Why Does Bath Help To Lose Weight?

By taking a bath with essential oils, you could lose weight, speed up the metabolism, clean your body from toxins. Bath also help to get rid of cellulite, makes you look younger, tightens the skin and you have fun at the same time.

The therapeutic effects of aromatic baths are due to two important points:

Firstly, the rapid absorption of the oil through the skin into the lymphatic network, bathing all organs

Secondly, the inhalation of medicinal vapors i.e. inhalation. (1)(2)

How To Use Essential Oils For a Bath?

Before adding in a bath essential oils it is necessary to mix them an emulsifier (3-4 tablespoons).

As an emulsifier, you could use cream, honey, and salt. Because of their unknown chemical composition, it is not recommended to use soap or detergent gel as an emulsifier.


The Ultimate Aromatic Bath Duration

Duration of aromatic bath ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. Rinse the body after taking a bath is not required, but you can take a contrast shower.

After an aromatic bath is recommended to rest for 30-40 minutes. You can not drink alcohol after a bath.

If you occasionally take a bath with slimming essential oils, you can always have a slim and fit figure, smooth and delicate skin, as well as a wonderful mood.(3)

And all this is absolutely easy and without harm to the body!

How Much Essential Oil Should Be Added To The Bath?

The quantity of oil depends on its concentration and content. It’s best to buy oil purposeful action, accompanied by the recipes and instructions, then you will not be difficult to navigate in the preparation of his compositions.

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