Product Description and Review on Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

The Juicer That Gives Masticated Pulpy & 100% Nutritional Juice

If left to the discretion of kitchen appliance reviewers, all the devices currently in the market will have to face the heat of the motor, of course, and the poor quality juice collected in the juice container.

The ideal nature of extracting juices from fruits and vegetables is treating them with care, slowly crushing and grinding them and extracting their juice to make a healthy drink at the end of the business.

The idea is not difficult to employ in the devices, but the tradeoff with speed and quality is a difficult thing to accomplish.

The whole idea of using a juicer or a blender is to make your job quick and easy and thus, using a slow powered motor and blade makes no sense.

But, this concept is gradually changing with increasing awareness regarding masticating type juicers like Breville BJS600XL and blenders and their improved capacity of retaining the much desired minerals and vitamins.


Breville Masticating Mechanism

The mastication is a process where the food is slowly crushed and ground with less RPM, but high torque motors imitating the handmade preparation of juices.

This utilizes the core practices and employs those using machines to save time and yet make your job easier than traditional methods.

  • The masticating type juicer is perfect for all kinds of juicing items like soft fruits, berries and leafy vegetables to wheat grass and touch fruits.
  • It extracts more nutrients and minerals compared to others with the figures indicating a 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins to add to your glass of pulpy fibrous juice.

The masticating or slow rotating mechanism is the key to this extra fiber and rich in your juice.

The fibers contain them and finally make it to your glass rather than into the pulp container.

The slow motions help retain the fluid and the fibers, whereas the filter and disc carefully separates them from the dried pulp into the juice container.

This is credited to the 240 W motor that is attached to the inbuilt disc. This is a patented disc called Nutridisc and is designed to extract more juice form the items and improve the efficiency of the output.


Technical Specifications

There are some good features listed in the brief overview on their website and a separate technical sheet is available that lists all the parts and its specifications.

  • External pulp ejection is made very simple and straightforward by including a slot for a pulp collector. It slips easily under the pulp spout to collect the pushed out dried pulp. This is an XL sized container and must have the holding capacity of 3 L at least. This is enough for a complete run without having to clean it often
  • The motor uses a 240 W slow spin high torque series wound motor. They rotate at slow aped without consuming high power, but produce high torque necessary to crush and grind the fruits and vegetables
  • The motor is covered with a 10 year warranty and the other parts are eligible for a year of international worldwide warranty

The unit is designed and conceptualized in Australia and follows all norms and guidelines laid by authorities.

Breville BJS600XL Juice Fountain Crush is a safe and sound device ready for heavy duty applications out of the box.

A Host Of Features

What good is a juicer that does not fulfill its customer’s desires? They are very simple too, unless one expects it to transform into a Ford Mustang.

It can handle the other queries quite beautifully, though. Let us take a quick look at the selling features of this masticating mix hybrid among juicers.

Safety is always of primary concern when using any kind of machine, especially kitchen appliances that employ blades, motors and electricity. Overload protections ensure safe and worry free operation. This could trigger many customers right away.

There are also myriads of additional feature that help make it a complete package.

These cover areas like safety, control, user interaction, and ease of maintenance.

  • Apart from the aforementioned overload protection, there is additional safety procedure called as two-step safety start that ensures that the system is perfectly in safe scenario like covered lids, aligned discs, proper feed, etc. This ensures that amateurs do not create a mess out of their initial learning expeditions.
  • There is also something called “Directional Control” which takes care of user inputs for changing settings and setting various modes at ease.
  • The next part entails to the easy maintenance of the kit. The entire unit is easy to clean at a snap because it can be dismantled in second sand then re-assembled once again. You can use the running tap water to clean it along with a cleaning brush.
  • The easy lift handle gives perfect control when carrying it around. It gives a balanced weight around your arms so that you do not drop it due to inconvenience.

If you are interested in delicious and nutritious juice that is fun to make buy this machine and take a little bit of time to learn it's personality and work with its strengths.

You'll discover a very pleasing juicing journey at the end of which awaits a delicious and nutritious glass of carrot juice.

Pros: Very quiet Easy to clean Juices greens
Cons: Heavy piece of equipment Pulp still feels about as wet a normal centrifugal juicer Taste wasn't way better than a centrifugal juicer



Breville BJS600XL Juice Fountain Crush is a simple product under a price tag of just $300 and comes with many exciting features including safety tools.

The unit is complemented with additional accessories that can be purchased at extra expense.

They include a food pusher for slowly compressing the items into the chute, a filter cleaning frame and brush, a small cleaning brush, a pulp container, a juice jug, top cover, hopper, juicing bowl and seals for juicing bowls.

You can also get additional scrapper wiper assembly, filter basket and juicing screw.


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Thus, basically it covers all of the parts that can be required in due course of time.

It completely depends on the way and frequency of usage if you will need any of these.

It is not advised to buy them along with your purchase, unless you are most certain that they might be handy if you have them installed.


Our ranking

Overall, Breville BJS600XL Juice Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer stands as a nutritional device that caters to all aspects of a juicer and blender in one device.

You get pulpy fibrous juice and all the needed vitamins and minerals for the day.