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woman drinking water

Is Drinking Water Before Bed Good or Bad for Health and Weight Loss?

Most people understand the importance of drinking plenty of water each day to stay healthy and hydrated. There is some debate, though, about whether it is a good idea to drink water just before bedtime or to drink it earlier in the evening. This article will examine the pros and cons of drinking water before […]

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Itchy Skin At Night – What Could Be a Cause of That?

While it isn’t a common topic for the break room or happy hour conversation, many people suffer in silence from nighttime skin itching. In some cases, there may be an underlying undiagnosed medical condition that is responsible for the skin itching. In other cases, it may be a side effect from a medication, the natural […]

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arm muscle twitching

Arm Twitching? Exploring Possible Causes & Remedies

A survey conducted a few years ago shows that 81 percent of people suffer from some type of involuntarily muscle movement.(1) This estimate includes those who are dealing with muscle twitching. One type of muscle twitch that is common but sometimes overlooked is arm twitching. What is Arm Twitching? Just like any other twitch, an […]

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Ear Hurts When I Swallow, What Could Be a Cause of That?

Having an earache is a very common health complaint in both, adults and children. In most cases it is nothing serious, but can have many possible root causes. It is usually caused by a minor infection, which will heal itself in a few days without treatment. The pain can become very sharp and severe when […]

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Colon Cleanse Green Smoothie

Colon Cleanse Smoothie Recipe

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to cleanse their colon. According to the Colonic Association, this practice has been around for centuries, dating back to the 1500s in Egyptian medical practices.(1) In America, cleansing large intestine did not become popular until the 1920s, however, it continues to grow in popularity due to its […]

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noise in ears

Causes of Clicking,Ticking,Tapping Sounds in Ears

There are times you may hear a clicking sound in your ears that starts and stops randomly. This might be a normal sound if it occurs for a very short period of time such as for a few seconds only once or twice. However, if this happens frequently, and it’s a painful clicking sound in your […]

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Planks vs Sit Ups

Planks vs Sit Ups: Which one is better?

The truth is that planks and sit-ups focus on inner-core muscles, which includes reinforcing the transversus abdominis, so both of these exercises are meant to address the inner core muscle issue. This is important because most people’s inner core muscles are weak. Still, some wonder whether planks or sit-ups are better for addressing this problem. […]

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Crunches vs. Sit Ups

Crunches vs. Sit Ups: The Winner Is…

When it comes to the reduction of lower back pain, improvement of posture, and maintenance of health, strengthening your core is important. While many people long for a trim and slim core, most don’t know the most effective way to achieve this. Although sit-ups and crunches work abdominal muscles differently, these two exercises are at […]

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Going to Bed Hungry Good or Bad

Is Going to Bed Hungry Good or Bad for Health and Weight Loss?

There has been much debate in recent years as to how eating close to bedtime impacts weight loss and overall health. Numerous sources state differing claims from either side of the fence… A general consensus is that keeping caloric intake reduced in the last hours before resting fares well for weight loss and management. That […]

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The Guide to Good (HDL) and Bad (LDL) Cholesterol

The Guide to Good (HDL) and Bad (LDL) Cholesterol

In recent years, health professionals have held a variety of positions on the role of cholesterol in maintaining good health. Cholesterol has been transformed from a compound that should be avoided into one that has both “good” and “bad” forms. The question that many people have is what kinds of cholesterol are considered healthy and […]

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